While 8 years ago the majority of my time and money was spent on Etsy and clothing, now the majority of my time and money is spent on Discogs and vinyl. In the last couple years in particular, my record collection has grown almost exponentially, with new additions basically consisting of groups that make my mood and/or rabbit holes I’ve gone down that month quite obvious and traceable. And, since I basically missed the 80s and 90s while, let’s saying, being sequestered in the east wing, my purchasing trends often reflect the recent deaths of musicians who were active during that period and who I’m unfortunately just discovering.

So, since I’m enjoying keeping track of the books I’ve been reading throughout the year, I thought I’d add this page to do the same for the vinyl I’ve recently collected and am listening to on repeat. Since the list could get embarrassingly long if I just listed everything I’ve bought in the year, I’ll keep it to the Last 5 I’ve got and the Top 5 currently on my turntable, complete with links to their Discogs page (for the particular pressing I own). As with the books, I’ll bold any that I recommend. Just a warning that it’ll likely be all of them, as I do a lot of research before I buy…

Last 5

  • The Sugarcubes – Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! (Elektra, 1989) (I somehow hadn’t listened to this album before coming across a cheap copy while browsing the Discogs shop I got the Einstürzende Neubauten and The Birthday Party albums from. Side A is just as solid as Life’s Too Good, in my opinion, and, well, I can always use more Björk in my life.)
  • Green River – Come on Down (Homestead Records, 1985) (I keep forgetting that Green River is one of my favorite bands from the whole Seattle scene, perhaps because I’ve only ever had their music in digital form. I, again, came across this EP while browsing Discogs, and am so happy I did. Had completely forgotten too that the song “Swallow My Pride” on Soundgarden’s Fopp EP is a Green River cover, so it’s fun to finally hear them do it.)
  • Einstürzende Neubauten – Zeichnungen des Patienten O. T. (Some Bizarre, 1983)
  • The Birthday Party – The Birthday Party (Missing Link, 1982 reissue)
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson – Englabörn & Variations (Deutsche Grammophon, 2018 reissue) (Speaking of, I finally got a hold of a compilation that confirmed my suspicion that Jóhann via Daisy Hill Puppy Farm had covered Bowie’s “Secret Life of Arabia”, and it’s glorious. Sigh.)

Top 5

  • Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik – Hugsjá (ByNorse Music, 2018) (As mentioned in my last Vinyl update, everything Einar touches is gold, and this album will definitely be at the top of my best of 2018 list. Absolutely gorgeous.)
  • The Fall – Hex Enduction Hour (Superior Viaduct, 2016 reissue) (R.I.P., Mark E. Smith. This Fall album is the most interesting for me, as it was inspired by and partially recorded in Reykjavik in 1981. The whole scene in Iceland at that time is super fascinating, really.)
  • Prince – Black Album (Erotic City Records, 1988 unofficial release) (For whatever reason, this is one of my favorite pieces of Prince vinyl [seen in photo above], even though it’s a crappy sounding bootleg. Already 2 years since Prince left us, but my playlist is forever changed. Hope the neighbours appreciated the weekend-long tribute last weekend…)
  • Prince – Sign “O” The Times (Paisley Park, 2016 reissue)
  • The Sisters of Mercy – Floodland (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, 2013 reissue)