While 8 years ago the majority of my time and money was spent on Etsy and clothing, now the majority of my time and money is spent on Discogs and vinyl. In the last couple years in particular, my record collection has grown almost exponentially, with new additions basically consisting of groups that make my mood and/or rabbit holes I’ve gone down that month quite obvious and traceable. And, since I basically missed the 80s and 90s while, let’s saying, being sequestered in the east wing, my purchasing trends often reflect the recent deaths of musicians who were active during that period and who I’m unfortunately just discovering.

So, since I’m enjoying keeping track of the books I’ve been reading throughout the year, I thought I’d add this page to do the same for the vinyl I’ve recently collected and am listening to on repeat. Since the list could get embarrassingly long if I just listed everything I’ve bought in the year, I’ll keep it to the Last 5 I’ve got and the Top 5 currently on my turntable, complete with links to their Discogs page (for the particular pressing I own). As with the books, I’ll bold any that I recommend. Just a warning that it’ll likely be all of them, as I do a lot of research before I buy…

Last 5

  • The Gits, Frenching the Bully (C/Z Records, 1992) (The Gits are my favorite find from reading Mark Yarm’s Everybody Loves Our Town, particularly as Mia Zapata is one of the best female vocalists I’ve ever heard.)
  • The Gits, Enter: The Conquering Chicken (Broken Rekids, C/Z Records, 1994) (The band’s last album, as Mia was brutally murdered while it was being made.)
  • The Sugarcubes, Life’s Too Good (Elektra, 1998) (A favorite but very late addition to my vinyl collection. This album is absolutely perfect.)
  • Mammút, Kinder Versions (Record Records, 2017) (My favorite find from listening to KEXP‘s Icelandic Airwaves coverage, I immediately backed the crowdfunding campaign for this album, even though I was slightly worried to find out that the lyrics would all be in English. My worries weren’t necessary though, as this album is so so good. Every time I listen to it, I listen to it no less than 4 times in a row…)
  • Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell (Vertigo, 1980) (Also a favorite but very late addition to my vinyl collection. I can’t help but prefer Dio’s Sabbath…)

Top 5