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In twilight, azure grace / Return this shadow’s embrace

Sorry/not sorry about have another post featuring Zam Barrett’s brilliant designs so soon, but, well, just look at these. The outerwear pieces for his F/W 19 womenswear collection have finally dropped, and the… Continue reading

Tears of yesterday / Recreated today

Just shy of a year ago, I finally thought we’d be making a big change to our living situation, a change which would allow us to finally live as we wanted. Instead, I… Continue reading

Sown in fields of stars

I typically do not wear jewelry of any sort, but when Alexis Devine of Squirrel vs. Coyote mentioned on her Instagram that she wanted to do some custom literary bodices, I jumped at… Continue reading


For the majority of my life, I defined myself on the basis of a particular belief I held. I interpreted the world through the lens of that belief. I thought I made choices… Continue reading


Today’s post is a three-fer post. A choose-your-own-adventure post. On either side of this post is another that features the same dress seen here, and both of those imbue this dress with a… Continue reading


While I don’t buy new clothing too frequently, I still have a thing for black dresses. I can’t get enough of them. I’d say I buy about three black dresses a year, five… Continue reading

Get me on my feet (get some direction)

In the span of a few weeks, I have discovered three new favorite things. And because my mind loves to make random associations, I’ve recognized that these discoveries follow another series of three… Continue reading

They shed tears at the wintered turn of the centuries

This weekend we took a short break to travel across the country and see Wardruna perform their first show ever in Canada. This band has been at the top of my list of… Continue reading

So I said “So Long” and I waved “Bye-bye” / And I smashed my soul and traded my mind

Some dusturbance for the menfolk this time, by way of a coated wool coat that zips up on the “female” side. Like I said, Dust is a genius. dusturbance is closing down at… Continue reading

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