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Nether reaches

Here’s a theory for you to disregard completely: some of the best pieces of clothing end up in awkward places, a.k.a. ones nethers are always reaching for loose fabric. Exhibit A: One of… Continue reading


Having started a new actual for realz office job, I realize once again that my wardrobe was not bought with for realz office jobs in mind. If I had to give an estimate,… Continue reading

Norwegian Wood x Rijksmuseum

This has got to be the most beautiful lingerie set ever, a collaboration between Norwegian Wood and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The bralette, panties, and matching kimono (all featuring prints of the 17th… Continue reading

Norwegian Wood x Niels Kierulf

While designers seem to be going like gangbusters on digital prints these days, I’ve found that I’m rather picky with which prints I like. Which may seem like a ‘duh-doy’ statement, but, if… Continue reading

All I Want For Christmas

Since everyone has jumped on the neoprene bandwagon by now, it was just a matter of time before there was neoprene underwear. And given the fact that neoprene can be quite warm (as… Continue reading

I heart Norwegian fringes (Part 2)*

I really love this Norwegian Wood piece. Like a lot. And I’m very on the fence about normal fringes, let alone 18″ long fringes that could be fatal around the NY subway, or… Continue reading


I’m wanting just about everything in the MORPH Etsy shop right now, particularly* as I still have no idea where my warmest clothes are post-move, or if I even have anything that is… Continue reading

She scratches a letter

Ursa Minor Victorine blouse treehouse28 ballet top in green Loft 415 plaid skirt not pictured: flip flops (…I’m refusing to wear shoes just yet, even though it ruined the grunge vibe a bit)… Continue reading

Woolen Tea Party

Three years and some change ago, a very patient designer named Tiina (of then Attila Design, now Lumme Designs) allowed me to bounce some ideas off of her and, a dozen or so… Continue reading

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