Putting on my gloves and bury my bones in the marshland

With the majority of my Twitter and Facebook feeds being fashion-related, and with the fashion community being one big wonderful borderless mosaic, the xenophobic and far-reaching decisions being made on both sides of… Continue reading

So pull up your sheets against the passing time

Given that I am nearly always wearing something from Ovate (as well as the fact that roughly 90% of any new clothing purchases are Ovate pieces), it’s rather odd that I haven’t posted… Continue reading

Now I’m wiser than dreams

Well, here’s how you get my attention. Indeed, with the above stunning piece, in my colour no less (hence, now in My Top 3 Want List), this new Chicago-based label, Stronger Wiser Everyday,… Continue reading

While the streets block off / Getting some skin exposure to the blackout

Being lucky enough to be relatively flat, it may seem odd that my bra-type of choice is the sports bra. From the very first shopping trip for a bra of any kind though,… Continue reading

Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh YOHJ JUN (AK4) VIV

As you can see from the title, this biannual review of The Big 3 (YOHJi Yamamoto, JUNya Watanabe, and VIVienne Westwood) is at a crossroads. I mean, it’s already felt a bit forced… Continue reading

So take this knife / And meet me across the river

Holy eff. This photo of Amanda Palmer in a Rachel Freire dress that goes along with her just-dropped song about Anthony (Martignetti) is perfect. And the song is heartbreaking. Read Amanda’s post about… Continue reading

His cardboard face is soggy and he’s selling thorny crown

Yeah, this seems about right. A careless mistake by a Jiffy Lube employee plus unnecessary window replacements mandated by building management has made both our car and bedrooms off-limits to me. Everything was… Continue reading

Oh! You Pretty Things (Central Saint Martins MA, 2016)

I was totally planning on using my brief non-work time with my laptop to write up the London Academy of Fashion MA show (one of the two runway shows I’ve actually watched this… Continue reading

Let’s Dance

I’m sure by now it’s obvious that I love Barbara Í Gongini, a love that is now 6+ years strong. Indeed, with the ridiculously low Canadian dollar and whatnot, BÍG is one of… Continue reading

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