Then we jump thru hoops, we’re divisible now, just disappear

Not sure what it is about this S/S 17 collection (entitled ‘Dreams and Reality’) from Orphan Bird that really strikes me. Might be the memory of that one time I bought a top… Continue reading

Someone fetch a priest / You can’t say no (to the Beauty and the Beast)

Though I’ve pretty much dropped all pretenses of having a budget when it comes to ordering new underthings (oh hai, Under the Root and hopeless!), spending on actually publicly viewable pieces has been… Continue reading

Look back in anger / Driven by the night

I’ve come to hate Facebook more and more, particularly as I used to use it primarily for keeping track of designers/labels, but Facebook’s sneaky changes and algorithms mean that I now rarely see… Continue reading

Those midwives to history put on their bloody robes

Oh my. When I came across Yousef Akbar’s work this morning, my mind went immediately to finding a Bowie lyric to play off his name (though, yes, it’s missing a ‘c’).* But then… Continue reading

Putting on my gloves and bury my bones in the marshland

With the majority of my Twitter and Facebook feeds being fashion-related, and with the fashion community being one big wonderful borderless mosaic, the xenophobic and far-reaching decisions being made on both sides of… Continue reading

So pull up your sheets against the passing time

Given that I am nearly always wearing something from Ovate (as well as the fact that roughly 90% of any new clothing purchases are Ovate pieces), it’s rather odd that I haven’t posted… Continue reading

Now I’m wiser than dreams

Well, here’s how you get my attention. Indeed, with the above stunning piece, in my colour no less (hence, now in My Top 3 Want List), this new Chicago-based label, Stronger Wiser Everyday,… Continue reading

While the streets block off / Getting some skin exposure to the blackout

Being lucky enough to be relatively flat, it may seem odd that my bra-type of choice is the sports bra. From the very first shopping trip for a bra of any kind though,… Continue reading

Freak out in a moonage daydream, oh YOHJ JUN (AK4) VIV

As you can see from the title, this biannual review of The Big 3 (YOHJi Yamamoto, JUNya Watanabe, and VIVienne Westwood) is at a crossroads. I mean, it’s already felt a bit forced… Continue reading

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