Trapped between the rocks/Blocking the waterfall/The songs of dust*

Apparently I already missed NYFW and LFW. But, in my defense, the last month of my life has included death, Iceland, and Nick Cave on repeat. So, here’s my commentary on the only… Continue reading

Then we jump thru hoops, we’re divisible now, just disappear*

Not sure what it is about this S/S 17 collection (entitled ‘Dreams and Reality’) from Orphan Bird that really strikes me. Might be the memory of that one time I bought a top… Continue reading

Someone fetch a priest / You can’t say no (to the Beauty and the Beast)*

Though I’ve pretty much dropped all pretenses of having a budget when it comes to ordering new underthings (oh hai, Under the Root and hopeless!), spending on actually publicly viewable pieces has been… Continue reading

Look back in anger / Driven by the night*

I’ve come to hate Facebook more and more, particularly as I used to use it primarily for keeping track of designers/labels, but Facebook’s sneaky changes and algorithms mean that I now rarely see… Continue reading

Those midwives to history put on their bloody robes*

  Oh my. When I came across Yousef Akbar’s work this morning, my mind went immediately to finding a Bowie lyric to play off his name (though, yes, it’s missing a ‘c’).** But… Continue reading

Putting on my gloves and bury my bones in the marshland*

With the majority of my Twitter and Facebook feeds being fashion-related, and with the fashion community being one big wonderful borderless mosaic, the xenophobic and far-reaching decisions being made on both sides of… Continue reading

So pull up your sheets against the passing time*

Given that I am nearly always wearing something from Ovate (as well as the fact that roughly 90% of any new clothing purchases are Ovate pieces), it’s rather odd that I haven’t posted… Continue reading

Now I’m wiser than dreams*

Well, here’s how you get my attention. Indeed, with the above stunning piece, in my colour no less (hence, now in My Top 3 Want List), this new Chicago-based label, Stronger Wiser Everyday,… Continue reading

While the streets block off / Getting some skin exposure to the blackout*

Being lucky enough to be relatively flat, it may seem odd that my bra-type of choice is the sports bra. From the very first shopping trip for a bra of any kind though,… Continue reading

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