Double eco-take (I’ll take both, please)

  I stumbled upon seedknits‘ Björk and eco-friendly ‘Diamond Heart Crochet Dress‘, which instantly reminded me of tiinateaspoon‘s (also Björk and eco-friendly) ‘Paper-doll dress‘, which I’ve been oogling since day 1. The two… Continue reading

Laundry day

For my husband’s pump-up-before-the-race iPod playlist yesterday, he included the oh so catchy ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’ by Ladytron. Now, ever since a sad young man came into the used book store I… Continue reading

Muscles and ruffles

So it appears that I have injured myself at work again. Hopefully a massage with Kimberly at 2pm will sort that out (oh Kim, your double forearm action on my back is wonderful!).… Continue reading

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