Custom glam wear? Please?

With my recent submersion into all things Michael Jackson, I was thrilled to read Darren Fernandes’ excellent article on NJAL, titled “The Style Autopsy of the King of Pop“. I’ve totally been digging… Continue reading

The best use of the news…

Speaking of the negative influence the media can have on the public, I think Canadian artist and designer Elena Gregusova has a genius remedy for the problem. Instead of reading tabloids and biased… Continue reading

Michael Jackson, R.I.P. (yes, from me too)

Okay, so another rant for today, and then I promise I’ll post something else on top for those who just want to see pretty pictures. I had the most emotional lunch today. As… Continue reading

Shopping rant

At the risk of being too cacophonous with my barrage of blogging today, let me have one more silent rant (ooo, I almost made the awkward move of using my blog title in… Continue reading

Ditte Lerche

Wow, I hope the August curator for The Shop down at NJAL takes note of this designer. And, somebody, contact Björk. I think she’d like these (as would I). My eyes are so… Continue reading

All’s fair in love and fashion

  Well, another lovely email in my inbox has added even more temptation to rack up those credit card charges. Whilst listening to MJ for the last 2 hours (I led a very… Continue reading

Information bulletin

1) You may have noticed my name has changed on the side by my picture, and below each post. My name is still Steff in fact. However, to match my URL, Etsy user… Continue reading

Makool, I love you

Oh, let me count the ways I love Makool. Many of her dresses have been known to prompt me to say ‘Oh how I wish I could have another wedding ceremony’ or ‘Oh… Continue reading

Liza Rietz

Well, today is turning out to be quite lovely, from a to g: a) I got to sleep in to prepare for working the evening shift this week. b) It rained this morning.… Continue reading

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