All’s fair in love and fashion

  Well, another lovely email in my inbox has added even more temptation to rack up those credit card charges. Whilst listening to MJ for the last 2 hours (I led a very… Continue reading

Information bulletin

1) You may have noticed my name has changed on the side by my picture, and below each post. My name is still Steff in fact. However, to match my URL, Etsy user… Continue reading

Makool, I love you

Oh, let me count the ways I love Makool. Many of her dresses have been known to prompt me to say ‘Oh how I wish I could have another wedding ceremony’ or ‘Oh… Continue reading

Liza Rietz

Well, today is turning out to be quite lovely, from a to g: a) I got to sleep in to prepare for working the evening shift this week. b) It rained this morning.… Continue reading


This is how I feel, à la Queen Michelle: “Fashion aficionados realise that at the core of their passion is the understanding of how clothes can alter and express an emotion without having… Continue reading


…this must-have jersey dress by mydearthing. I’m pretty sure jersey will remain my most trusted friend throughout all my years. Especially if it’s draped. One please! (My birthday is coming up…) Note to… Continue reading

Alexandra Groover

I just found my fashion-soul mate. I’m still not a leggings girl, but I love everything about this outfit. So imagine how drastically my world changed when I found out that this girl… Continue reading

Branch out

This is exactly how I feel today. With darker hair and more clothes. If I were a designer with a collection on the runway, this would be my theme.

4 years too late…

Oh goodness, I need to get some motivation and some fabric, statim. I do believe this Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress is one of the most perfect pieces of clothing I have ever… Continue reading

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