To make up for the sidebar on the old Blogger kOs, here are all my favorite links in one place. If you haven’t yet found the links to archived posts, simply scroll to the bottom of any page on kOs. I’ve also included links to follow me at the bottom of this page, if you’re so inclined.

My Favorite Designers/Labels to Wear

Alexandra Groover / ArtLab / Barbara Í Gongini / chromat / complexgeometries* / Hopeless Lingerie / InAisce / Lara Intimates / Moop / NUIT* / Ovate* / Sanctus / Squirrel vs. Coyote / Under the Root / Ursa Minor* / Zam Barrett

*Canadian label

My Favorite Places on the Internets

101 Cookbooks / Bandcamp / Barry’d Alive Art / Bowiebranchia / Caitlin Ffrench (best handmade watercolour paints)* / Crash Course / Discogs / Don Urban (photographer) / Dorothy (independent book publisher) / Find Momo* / Glass Bookshop (#YEG bookstore focusing on Canadian/LGBTQ2SIA/IBPOC writers and the independent publishers* / Hyphaea (artist/tattooer)* / Henry Rollins on KCRW / Humans of New York / Jason Carter (artist)* / KEXP / Kingdom of Style / Kit King (hyper-realistic painter)* / Life in the Vinyl Lane / Man of Multnomah (from ridiculously prolific and diverse musician Aaron Edge) / Mental Floss / Minimalist Baker / templedoor (Canadian Discogs seller of metal vinyl)* / Pushing Ahead of the Dame / The McKenzie Tapes / The Red Hand Files / Why the Long Play Face?



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