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Where images end / and living begins: Interview with Keight MacLean

A few months ago, I almost died. It was a total fluke accident but, if my man hadn’t been right there, I probably wouldn’t be here. The weird thing (okay, the super duper,… Continue reading

Femme fatales emerged from shadows: Interview with Zam Barrett

Zam Barrett has been on the kOs radar for quite a while, but we’ve somehow never really delved into this incredible designer. Zam’s gone from learning how to make his own clothes at… Continue reading

Highly localized: A discussion with Amanda deLeon

For those of you who have been long-time readers of kOs, you may remember a time when a new interview seemed to be posted every month or so. I miss those days. To… Continue reading

Interview with Becca McCharen of Chromat

  One of the things I love about New York is the people. And, perhaps especially during Fashion Week, it’s rather amazing to have such incredible style walking all around you. So it… Continue reading

Interview with Shinwon Yoon of SHIN

I have surely been in a New York state of mind these past few days/weeks/months. Since booking my trip eons ago, I’ve noticed that New York is in nearly every movie/book/magazine/website I look… Continue reading

Interview with Wolfgang Jarnach

The handsome face you’re seeing here is that of Wolfgang Jarnach, my favorite fashion design grad student pick of last fall. After graduating from the Akademie Mode and Design in Munich, Wolfgang has… Continue reading

Interview with Tyler W

And now we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for something equally full of awesome (or perhaps moreso). After such an incredible night last night watching one of my favorite bands (who are proudly… Continue reading

Interview with Laura Siegel

From the moment I saw one of Laura Siegel’s graduate collection pieces posted on Bobbin Talk, I knew I needed to see more. And then, a couple of weeks later when Laura was… Continue reading

Interview with Heather Martin of mono

I’m not sure what to say to introduce my interview with Heather Martin of mono. Her work clearly speaks for itself, and to be in the same room with one of her pieces… Continue reading

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