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Turn the holy pictures so they face the wall / And who can bear to be forgotten

  I cannot get over how perfect this very McQueen-ish coat and trouser set from Sanctus is, from the new ‘Forgotten Apostles’ S/S 18 collection. Indeed, with the shine and pattern of the… Continue reading

They shed tears at the wintered turn of the centuries

This weekend we took a short break to travel across the country and see Wardruna perform their first show ever in Canada. This band has been at the top of my list of… Continue reading

So I said “So Long” and I waved “Bye-bye” / And I smashed my soul and traded my mind

Some dusturbance for the menfolk this time, by way of a coated wool coat that zips up on the “female” side. Like I said, Dust is a genius. dusturbance is closing down at… Continue reading

In this age of grand delusion / You walked into my life out of my dreams

Among other things, 2017 seems to be The Year I Became an Adult. The least painful part of this process was finding a real bra that I can actually wear. Having lived in… Continue reading

Femme fatales emerged from shadows: Interview with Zam Barrett

Zam Barrett has been on the kOs radar for quite a while, but we’ve somehow never really delved into this incredible designer. Zam’s gone from learning how to make his own clothes at… Continue reading

I really can’t look at your little empty shelf / A ragged teddy bear

It seems that my Internet browsing is gravitating to nostalgic and/or blue shiny things from old kOs faves. The other day we were looking at Dust‘s take on the 3-piece suit, with the… Continue reading

And when the clothes are strewn / Don’t be afraid of the room

The last year has been a lesson in picking battles and learning to prioritize my mental health. I’ve quit Facebook completely, have taken at least two strict breaks from Twitter, have set up… Continue reading

Jump They Say (alternate mix)

Though I’m generally not a fan of remixes in the musical sense, one of my key approaches to clothing is, in fact, remixing. Exhibit A. As womenswear is only a recent thing from… Continue reading

Don’t forget to keep your head warm / Twinkle twinkle Uncle Floyd

One of my favorite purchases from the early days of kOs is my wool coat from Patricia Ayres (of ArtLab), which is only just starting to show some wear around the shoulders from… Continue reading

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