About me

I’m an easy-going Canadian ex-academic and now editor/writer with dreams of being Björk’s personal designer assistant. That rare thing that is the spendable part of my paycheque goes to those who make me clothes, those who write me books, and those who release their albums on vinyl. I love Classical Latin, NY, and wandering in the woods with my dog, (Sha)Kira. I’m anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-sexist, anti-classist…basically, pro-being a decent human. If you want to know more, you can go here (i.e. where I’ll always be 29, seeing as I can no longer update that site…).

About kOs

This is my personal blog containing my random musings, which tend to focus on my favorite fashion finds. I feature independent designers who use sustainable or recycled materials, have handmade or local production, and/or limited run collections. I never get paid or otherwise compensated for blogging about designers/labels/products. These are my personal honest opinions of items I own or would like to own. If you see any type of ad at the bottom of a post, that’s the tradeoff for having a free WordPress blog. kOs does not endorse any of these ads. Also, I can’t see the ads myself, so let me know what kind of ads you’re seeing if you’re bored.

Post titles from January 2016-December 2018 feature the lyrics of an artist I found much too late in life. 515 points to Ravenclaw if you know which artist. From December 2018 here on, we get a bit more doomy.

kOs was born in 2009 as a blogspot.com site, so a Google search on me or ‘musingsofbuffyleigh’ will likely bring you there first. I tend to link a lot to previous kOs posts, so for posts written previous to July 28, 2013, these links will lead you back to the original post on the original site. Also, a lot of the earlier posts stayed at the original address rather than making the move here, so feel free to visit if you want to catch up on the early history of kOs. (Note: I can no longer log in to or recover my Blogger account, and so no changes there are possible.)


Most of the photos posted on kOs are not my own. Unless specifically stated, the photos posted are used only for my personal commentary and not for commercial reasons. I do not get compensated for blogging about these photos and the pieces contained within – I simply want to share the viewing experience with you. And my wearing experience, in the very likely event that I give in to temptation and buy them for myself.