In twilight, azure grace / Return this shadow’s embrace

Sorry/not sorry about have another post featuring Zam Barrett’s brilliant designs so soon, but, well, just look at these. The outerwear pieces for his F/W 19 womenswear collection have finally dropped, and the wait was more than well worth it. It is easy to see why designing these pieces got Zam so jacked and inspired. I personally would absolutely live in the Hooded Pocket Coat* (below; also available in black wool), particularly as it looks like a cozy cardigan/coat hybrid that would help me save on the heating bill I now have to pay for the rest of my life (#hausownerlife).

But the Lyric A-Line Coat in that breathtaking embroidered linen (top and below)?! This thing (also available in black wool) is my gorram dream piece, and is now occupying all three spots in my Top 3 Want List. Sigh. Zam’s background as a tailor is evident in his meticulous attention to detail, both functional and aesthetic (e.g., the impeccable cut, vent, and pockets alongside the unfinished hems, notched back of the priest collar, and surprising raw red cuffs [which are actually the extended silk taffeta lining of the sleeves]), and is what makes his outerwear in particular so fantastic. While I previously shopped the men’s side to get a taste of this perfection, it looks like I have even better options now. Zam, bravo.

Title quote: “In Our Blood”, from Clearing the Path to Ascend

* Since Zam didn’t name this piece with a Sappho-themed title like some of the other pieces in the collection, I’m going to go ahead and informally title this the ‘Hooded Pocket Carson Coat’, in honour of Anne Carson, Sappho translator and literally one of the most fashionable people I’ve ever seen. I can totally picture her in this coat, giving a lecture before the performance of some Ancient Greek play…