Beyond the eyes / A hidden life

One year ago, I had a severe panic attack, triggered by having to say no to a change in our increasingly unpleasant living situation, a change that would’ve allowed us to actually be ourselves and, more importantly, adopt a dog. I mourned the loss of Duke, a dog that I hadn’t even met, the dog that we thought we were going to adopt as soon as we moved into the place that simply would not have been a good fit for the three of us.

That panic attack set off a series of decisions and steps that have completely changed my life. And now, as of three weeks ago, we have our own place. Our own home. But more importantly, as of one week ago, we brought home Shakira,* a dog who by all accounts should’ve been adopted long before we found her, but must’ve been waiting just for us.

We’ve waited for her for so long, and I can’t imagine life without her. And I don’t have to.


* Full disclosure, we did intend on changing her name right away, but then I learned that Shakira means “thankful” in Arabic, which is just so so perfect. And, obviously, her hips don’t lie.

Title quote: “Before We Dreamed of Two”, from Atma