While I don’t buy new clothing too frequently, I still have a thing for black dresses. I can’t get enough of them. I’d say I buy about three black dresses a year, five if we’re including long tanks/tees that are technically called dresses. But that has to stop, because we’ve decided we have to buy our own place. We need a dog, a dog needs us, and all the places we would want to rent do not allow dogs.

And so, I had to choose one final* black dress to buy, before I shifted the black dress fund into the Operation Doggo Haus fund. This was the dress. The Cosmic Bondage Dress from Sanctus. And it’s perfect. Anything created by Lucinda is lovely, but this piece is incredible. The design of it makes literally no sense to me (probably due to my lack of physics knowledge, as I don’t quite get what a “catenary curve” is), and yet it immediately transforms me into a goddess as soon as I put it on. And, equally important, it symbolizes that Operation Doggo Haus is now a go. I repeat, it is now a go.


*Full disclosure, I buckled and bought two (…or three) more black dresses after it, in two (…or three) separate moments of weakness. But at least I have now filled my black dress quota for the year, and have no excuse to drain the Operation Doggo Haus fund any more.

Title quote: “Grasping Air”, from The Unreal Never Lived