He trod on sacred ground he cried aloud into the crowd


Possibly my favorite post in the 8 (!) years of kOs is the one I did following my first trip to Iceland, where I matched looks from the Gareth Pugh S/S 17 show with photos I had taken on my trip. Now, having a new batch of photos from my second trip to that magical country and waiting on a lovely new piece from Alexandra Groover‘s A/W 17 ‘Sacred’ collection, it only seemed logical to try that exercise out again. Not only has Alexandra’s work been featured here on kOs nearly since the very beginning (starting with this post), but Iceland is such a perfect place for Alexandra’s aesthetic, and I could happily live in/with both for the rest of days. The entire collection is, of course, made in England with 100% organic cotton – many using zero-waste cutting techniques – and is now up in Alexandra’s shop (links to each piece pictured here can be found at the bottom of the post). Sigh.

From top to bottom: Single Tentacle Dress; Gestalt T-shirt and Abstracted Tartan Striped Skirt; Holism Coat and Louis XIV Breeches; Aurelia Gown; Incirrina Knotted Dress; Weskhet Collar and Pyramid Skirt; Scotia Hooded Cowl Scarf and Sett Diamond Back Skirt

Title quote: “ā˜…“, from ā˜…