Silhouettes and shadows watch the revolution

Back in December I re-found Thoas Lindner, one of the designers behind BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE, and his new brand/project The Tribe. I was intrigued by the ‘More Stars Less Wars’ slogan on many of the pieces, the overall manifesto (local and climate-neutral production in Berlin, donation by piece/month to a particular non-profit per print), and the fact that the ‘About’ page mentioned that they were open to non-monetary exchange for any of the pieces. Then, while off on a quick family trip, I had a quick email exchange with Thoas about the non-monetary thing and the general spark behind The Tribe (he had just traded for raw cacao, was tired of the fashion season schedule and wanted to share his idea of a better world).

But then I got back to home, Christmas, Princess Leia, January 20th, the horror of the first week of the next 4 years…My mind wanders, and time is lost.

But here we are. We are one. More stars, less wars. My religion is humanity.

Title quote: “It’s No Game (Part 1)”, from Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)