Oh no love! you’re not alone


This post serves two purposes: 1) to showcase the newest MORPH Knitwear collection, the ‘Seafaring Wanderer’ via its breathtaking editorial photoshoot, and most importantly 2) a call for help for someone in our community.

Let’s cover #2 first: yesterday, Angela discovered that her studio in Portland, Oregon had been broken into, and $5,000 worth of finished orders and backstock had been stolen. For anyone who is lucky enough to have gotten a knit piece from Angela, and/or anyone who is a knitter themselves, you’ll know just how much work goes into a quality, self-designed, custom-made knit piece, especially when it’s lovingly made by a one-woman show like MORPH. The stolen work won’t just take $$$ to replace, but hundreds and hundreds of work hours, not to mention a mental and physical toll.

Angela is one of the good ones, bringing awareness to social, racial, and environmental justice issues through her social media and donating a portion of her sales to causes such as the water protectors at Standing Rock. Not to mention the integrity she’s brought to her artisanal work for years, making her an immediate kOs favorite. Now she needs our help. If you can, please do one of the following:

  • Help Angela replace the stolen pieces financially by donating through her GoFundMe page: http://gofundme.com/morph-knitwear-recovery-fund
  • If you’re an experienced knitter in the Portland, Oregon area, contact Angela at info@morphknitwear.com to physically help remake the stolen pieces
  • Pass on any information you may have on the suspect, whose picture is posted on the MORPH Facebook page
  • Show your support by ordering your own MORPH piece(s), and be willing to be patient in waiting for it to arrive (note that all ready-to-ship pieces were stolen)
  • Share this post/the above info with other who may be able to help Angela

2017: already the year where we’re going to need to support each other as much as possible. Sigh.

And as promised, the Seafaring Wanderer. I’d literally buy every piece in this collection if I could, and this photoshoot is one of my favorite editorials ever.


(Photos by Jon Duenas)

Title quote: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”, from Hunky Dory