And fly it from the toppest top of all the tops

For some reason, styling a bathing suit top over clothing has entered my mind at least a handful of times this past summer, and now Oskar Metsavaht has realized that idea with a few looks from his Osklen S/S 17 collection. It seems silly that a piece of cloth positioned over a particular body area would be less publicly acceptable than if positioned over another body area even when layered over other clothing, but I can’t help but think that wearing an outfit like any of the above would be frowned upon in the office. But where else am I going to wear my bikini tops? It sure isn’t going to be in Iceland, i.e. the only place where I literally haven’t cared about showering naked in public, and yet quickly cover myself with a long-sleeved swimsuit before entering a hot spring…

Version 2

Title quote: “Memory of a Free Festival”, from David Bowie (Space Oddity)

(Lookbook photos via, photo of me contemplating being too hot in a random hot spring in the Westfjords, taken by my man)