Trapped between the rocks / Blocking the waterfall / The songs of dust

Apparently I already missed NYFW and LFW. But, in my defense, the last month of my life has included death, Iceland, and Nick Cave on repeat. So, here’s my commentary on the only S/S 17 show I’ve looked at, being the one and only Gareth Pugh, in the form of photos I took in Iceland that echo the designs in one way or another. Mr. Pugh and Iceland both get me. Sigh.

Though every location/look above is amazing, my favorites are in the last pairing. The photo I took is at an abandoned fish factory in Djúpavík, in the Westfjords of Iceland. The building pictured here used to be a fish oil tank – the only entrance is a small port on the side (which we crawled into), and a manhole in the top, where the light is coming through. The coils on the floor heated the oil, and the white marks on the walls is the salt from the sea calcifying. For those of you that are Sigur Rós fans, this is where they filmed their performance of “Gítardjamm” for Heima. As for Mr. Pugh’s creation, you really have to take a look at the video of the runway show to see how great this look is. I’ve taken a few screenshots to show it from a few different angles, but do take a look at the last minute of the video to see it better.

(Photos from Iceland* taken by myself**, runway photos via SHOWstudio)

Title quote: “Heat”, from The Next Day

*There’s actually one of Greenland in the mix, namely the 2nd one, where the mountains are just peaking out of the vast blanket of glaciers and snow. But I took this from the Icelandair plane, which has Appelsin and Skyr, so it’s technically still Iceland soil, right?

**…except for two, taken by my man, namely the 3rd one (keyhole in the rock) and 2nd last one. But I was in charge of editing and compiling all our photos together for a large Facebook photo dump, so…yeah.