Then we jump thru hoops, we’re divisible now, just disappear

Not sure what it is about this S/S 17 collection (entitled ‘Dreams and Reality’) from Orphan Bird that really strikes me. Might be the memory of that one time I bought a top that mainly consisted of grommet tape and fishnet…Might be the randomly placed ribbons that make no sense and yet are very necessary…Might be the in-built key chains/scarf holders that would free up a pocket and/or hand or two…Might be the grommets/hoops that remind me of 3-ring binders, which remind me of school, which reminds me that adulting sucks…Whatever it is, I love the theme going on here, even if it would create all sorts of hazards in a train station and around entitled people and such. Sigh.

(Photos by Sara Lohman, via Orphan Bird’s Facebook)

Title quote: “Black Tie White Noise”, from Black Tie White Noise