Someone fetch a priest / You can’t say no (to the Beauty and the Beast)

Though I’ve pretty much dropped all pretenses of having a budget when it comes to ordering new underthings (oh hai, Under the Root and hopeless!), spending on actually publicly viewable pieces has been on strict lockdown, due to the horrible exchange rate, threat of mail shutdown, and our impending Iceland trip (just 30 more days!!!). However, since meeting him 3 years ago in NYC, Zam Barrett‘s work has always occupied that space in my brain labelled ‘justifiable’. And since I hadn’t yet taken advantage of said label, I simply had no defense when I saw this piece, Zam’s Priest Shirt.

In raw washed silk with a subtle texture to it, pleated back from the waist down, and fairly high bottom button, I immediately pictured this on myself as a shirt dress/jacket hybrid, with the sleeves rolled up a bit, the top unbuttoned, and worn with cropped pants and my trusty boots. If only I had the courage to wear red, as I think that is the more stunning colour of the two options. But as I’ll apparently only wear red in logo’d t-shirt form (i.e. my Björk concert memento and my support of the greatest place ever), the grey version is a great (and even more justifiable) option. And the marbled dye effect is rather lovely.

washed silk preist shirt - grey (3)-350x531

Is it any wonder that I keep dreaming that I’m in NYC? I swear, I get stressed, and my brain goes straight to it’s happy place…

By the way, Zam’s online shop, the Zfactorie, is having a huge sale right now before new Fall stock is posted. In case you’re the type that needs more help in the justifying area…

Title quote: “Beauty and the Beast”, from “Heroes”