Look back in anger / Driven by the night

I’ve come to hate Facebook more and more, particularly as I used to use it primarily for keeping track of designers/labels, but Facebook’s sneaky changes and algorithms mean that I now rarely see posts from pages I’ve liked in my feed. One recent change, however, where you scroll to the right within that ‘Page stories you may like’ box, which mainly has new posts from pages I’ve liked but also has posts from pages I haven’t liked, led me to a new-to-me label called NOCTEX. So, Facebook, thank you, but I still hate you.

Anyway, NOCTEX, care of designer Negin Izad, hits all the high points for me:

  • Canadian label
  • uses mostly deadstock fabrics (most of which are made in the US)
  • most fabrics used are natural/plant-based textiles
  • handmade/small production in Vancouver
  • seasonless and/or unisex aesthetic
  • pieces are very layerable
  • monochrome colour palette
  • limited waste due to designs/reuse
  • minimal packaging used in shipping

And, to round it out to a 10th point, the model very much looks like a 21st century Valentine Wannop. In short, I like, and I want to wear it all. The clothing budget is on hold until the delayed Iceland trip finally occurs (still another 1.5 months away…), but that gives me plenty of time to choose which piece to get first. Having somehow managed to forever mar one of my two beloved mydearthing Steel Sighlens tees (courtesy of a most delicious but very oily bowl of fresh ramen), I’m thinking the most logical choice is the less-metal/less-kOs-name-dropping but otherwise similar cotton Gauze Selvage Tee.


The least logical choice though, and, of course, the one I’m most drawn to, is the Seren, a reversible, asymmetrical, drapey, billowy, one-size linen number, featuring a single pocket, hook-and-eye closure on one side, and 3×3 metal button closure on the other side. Sigh. Guess what’s now on My Top 3 Want List…

Title quote: “Look Back in Anger”, from Lodger