Putting on my gloves and bury my bones in the marshland

With the majority of my Twitter and Facebook feeds being fashion-related, and with the fashion community being one big wonderful borderless mosaic, the xenophobic and far-reaching decisions being made on both sides of the Atlantic are utterly shocking to me. And living in a country that is the child of Dumb and cousin of Dumber (or is it vice versa? – no difference really), I know I’m not far enough north to escape the inevitable repercussions. So, short of starting construction on a bunker or buying a ticket to Mars, I’ll continue adulting in the best way I know how, cycling between escapism and worry.

This slice of escapism is courtesy of my fashion-soulmate Alexandra Groover, in the form of her A/W 2016 collection, ‘Ancestral’. This 100% zero-waste collection features the 100% English-made organic cotton clothing that has become Alexandra’s signature, and, in a new collaboration with the ever-so-talented Rachel Freire, accessories made from recycled leather, veg-tanned leather, or a vegan ‘leather’ made from – get this – waste fibers leftover from pineapple harvesting, called Piñatex™. In fact, the majority of the accessories collection (‘AGxRF’) can be made with Piñatex™ (in natural or black colour), meaning my want list from Alexandra has just grown. My eye is particularly on the Muirne collar purse in black Piñatex™ because, well, it’s clearly the greatest accessory ever.

As this collection continues on the nomadic theme of Alexandra’s previous collections and was partially inspired by both the ancient inhabitants of the UK and Alexandra’s experience of living in modern Britannia, I’m curious how current events will impact the next collection. Whatever the outcome, I think it’s safe to order everything in black…

Select pieces now available to pre-order for September delivery here, or email sales@alexandragroover.com

Title quote: “Never Get Old”, from Reality