So pull up your sheets against the passing time

Given that I am nearly always wearing something from Ovate (as well as the fact that roughly 90% of any new clothing purchases are Ovate pieces), it’s rather odd that I haven’t posted about my go-to label for quite some time. One of the many mysteries of life, I suppose. Anyway, with summer now here and my wanting to wear as little as possible, thoughts turn to all things linen, which Ovate does oh so well, particularly in dress form. And for this year, I picked up two new additions to my closet.

1. Having snapped up a couple linen t-shirt dresses from earlier Ovate seasons, I made sure to get one of the revamped versions this time around, now featuring pockets, a finished hem, and a softer, lighter linen that has a great shape to it. And I love love love this charcoal shade. I.e., this is what gets worn first after laundry day. While long enough even on me as a dress, it is slightly see-through in the sunlight, so I rock this as a tunic top out in public.

2. My second pick was a bit of a risk for me. Audrey has done some form of a gathered waist dress for a few seasons, but, having had some rather bad changing room experiences with the style, I had always given these Ovate pieces nothing past a longing glance. With a somewhat last-minute family winter wedding though back in March, I decided to give the Ovate version a chance, particularly the Irina in, yes, that charcoal shade. With a nice roomy cut and a waist seam that hits at the perfect spot (not too high, avoiding an empire/pregnancy waist, and not too low, avoiding balloon out at the hips), for the cold wedding weather I was able to layer this over two other dresses (a grey bamboo long-sleeved Ovate, and my precious custom sleeveless maroon mydearthing, circa S/S 11). And, now that we’re past 3-dress layering season, even though this is the same linen used in the t-shirt dress, the gathered skirt means that this doesn’t need to be layered. The only question now is, which other gathered waist linen Ovate dress do I go for next…

And speaking of linen, Angela at Morph (a.k.a. the American knitwear cousin of Ovate, both in style and in the use of natural dyes from what I believe is Audrey’s side project, Essence Chromatique) has just posted her newest collection. While my eye is currently on the reclaimed silk pieces (tank and wrap dress), below are some fantastic linen or cotton/linen blend pieces that would fit oh so perfectly into my closet (particularly that long linen tunic dress, which would be a nice replacement for the similar-ish mydearthing F/W 10 tissue top that I wore to pieces…). And if you order before the 15th with the code CATSFOREVER, you can save 15% and help Angela with her adorable fur baby’s vet bills.

Title quote: “My Death”, from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars soundtrack