Now I’m wiser than dreams

Well, here’s how you get my attention. Indeed, with the above stunning piece, in my colour no less (hence, now in My Top 3 Want List), this new Chicago-based label, Stronger Wiser Everyday, even succeeded in tearing myself away from the newest semi-tragic footnote in my life (a.k.a. broken husband = no Iceland). Their website is still under construction, so all I know comes from their bare bones NJAL page and their cryptic and curious Facebook. But I do know that they’re unisex, season-less, and appear to be US-made, so that’s good enough for me, for now.

And I love when labels who say they’re unisex actually create interesting statement pieces, not just one-size-fits-some basic jersey pieces. SWE even goes so far as to style their pieces differently on male and female models, for those who have a hard time imagining what a piece will look like on them.

Exhibit A: Silky trench coat/shirt dress

Exhibit B: Optional puffed sleeves

I think the wiser bit is up for discussion on my end, but, for my man’s sake, let’s hope the stronger everyday thing applies to both of us. We have places to be!

Title quote: “Dead Man Walking”, from Earthling