So take this knife / And meet me across the river

Holy eff. This photo of Amanda Palmer in a Rachel Freire dress that goes along with her just-dropped song about Anthony (Martignetti) is perfect. And the song is heartbreaking. Read Amanda’s post about it here, and make sure you read everything from Anthony that you can get your hands on. I feel like I got to know Anthony through Amanda’s ridiculously good book and social media posts, ordered both his books, and quickly devoured the first one when it arrived, about a week after he had died. The first story in the 2nd book is one of the best things I’ve ever read in my entire life, but I haven’t had the heart to read anymore of that book since. I’m saving it. For what, I don’t yet know.

Anyway, it’s odd that Rachel Freire popped up just now – I was expecting her to appear on kOs in a week or so, seeing as she’s just down a collaboration with Alexandra Groover and is in Alexandra’s A/W 16 showroom in Paris, literally open right meow. And the last time I posted about Rachel’s work, it was also connected to music. In short, music is everything.

(Photo by Allan Amato)

Title quote: “If You Can See Me”, from The Next Day