His cardboard face is soggy and he’s selling thorny crown

Yeah, this seems about right. A careless mistake by a Jiffy Lube employee plus unnecessary window replacements mandated by building management has made both our car and bedrooms off-limits to me. Everything was going so well, and now it’s fallen apart, at least for a month or so. But can a cardboard dress/life be put back together after it’s been destroyed?

Anyway, sad-sack-ness aside, the dress in the above video comes from Txell Miras‘ F/W 15 collection. It’s been far too long since we last looked at Txell’s fine work, so I’m including nearly all of the collection below. Also, I’d wear every single one of these looks, particularly anything from the top 3 rows. Or the last 2 rows.

I’m not sure what the story behind the cardboard dresses was, but there were 5 of them that closed the show. They’re not on the same level of Mr. Pugh’s drinking straw pieces of the same season (which people should still friggin’ be talking about!!!) and look more like something I’d do with my recyclables on a slow day, so I’m sure the point wasn’t to create actual sellable, wearable pieces. Whatever the case, I’m happy when a designer defies the whole fashion week thing to at least some extent, so these get my stamp of approval. Not that Txell needed it.

(Video by Javi Inglés, photos via here)

Title quote: “London Bye Ta-Ta”