Let’s Dance

I’m sure by now it’s obvious that I love Barbara Í Gongini, a love that is now 6+ years strong. Indeed, with the ridiculously low Canadian dollar and whatnot, BÍG is one of two non-Canadian labels I’ll risk taking a hit on in the exchange and customs, because her work is just that good (and her newish Outnet can be very forgiving on the credit card, especially when sale codes arrive in the inbox). I mean, just look at that full-length bomber and layered linen look! So, though I’m sorta not wanting to pay attention to any fashion week show this season (unless it’s Bowie-themed), a glimpse of the final three looks in the BÍG A/W 16 show piqued my interest enough to care. Said looks are 3D avant-garde show pieces in white…something, and the runway photo of one of the models (seen above) has her en pointe, i.e. in ballet shoes, on her toes. Meaning, I had to watch the video of the show (with my own Bowie soundtrack blaring in the background, of course) to see just what was going on.


And as you can see from the stills above (and from the video, 14:11 in), two of the three final models break out into a mini-ballet of sorts or, as the BÍG team calls it, a ‘modular human movement installation’. These two models are actually dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet (Marcin Kupinski and Astrid Grarup Elbo), and the exoskeleton-themed pieces are, get this, made from used carpet. Forget Yeezy, I don’t have to pretend BÍG is a big deal. Because she just is.

(Photos via UK Vogue and Barbara Í Gongini)