Because you took my…TVC 15


It’s been over three years since posting about this label, but Cunnington & Sanderson are one of those labels that are always on my radar. That said, a brief glance at the above look from the C&S A/W 16/17 collection immediately made me think of that shot of the Irene Adler-look alike in a Kristofer Kongshaug coat, confusing me as to just what label I was looking at. I’ll blame it on the very recent viewing of the Sherlock: The Abominable Bride special (in which Ms. Adler was briefly mentioned and pictured), the Sherlock-esque palette of the C&S collection…and the Sherlock colouring book I may or may not have gotten for Christmas. And, come to think of it, my 3-week long Bowie marathon, which has resulted in my brain making more connections between previously-thought-to-be-unconnected things. Though, I must say, the coat below does have a similar-ish 3-gill detail as in Ms. Adler’s coat…


The last two looks below though are definitely C&S through and through, even to my addle[re]d brain, harkening back to their 2009 collection. Although I’m not entirely sure the release of a wool onesie, even one as spectacularly stylish and textured as this, would’ve flown in 2009, i.e. during the reign (?) of the Snuggie.

We’ve come so far.

(Photos via NJAL, by Rafael Kroetz)