Velvet Goldmine

With a family wedding coming up during the holiday season, I was on the hunt for an appropriate dress that I wouldn’t freeze in. However, due to the booking of what will be the best trip ever, dress money vanished and I will instead happily be rocking that shiny six-year-old Attila creation that, though not warm, seems perfect for the occasion (and, surprisingly, still fits!).

If I did have money for a new dress though, the Sanctus Hurricane Gown was my number one realistic pick, i.e. the layer-friendly one I could actually justify and would wear again, multiple times. My number one non-realistic pick is the above, Amanda deLeon‘s Devoré Velvet Dress. Since I can remember, I’ve always associated velvet with Christmas, and, as far as I know, the only time I owned something with velvet was back in grade school, a homemade dark teal/green taffeta number with black velvet polka dot detailing, made for a Christmas production of some sort. This dress died a sad death at the hands of a cruel iron, and the velvet hole in my closet was never filled again. If I could fill it though, it would be with this utterly perfect and glorious piece, the skirt of which is etched with hand-drawings of dark forest creatures et al. Sigh.