Grey Adaptation

Somehow it’s almost been a whole year since I last posted about kOs’ spirit animal, Alexandra Groover. So, to rectify that situation, here’s a lot of Alexandra Groover.

First up: the Grey Label. As I mentioned in passing a few posts ago, Alexandra has revived her Grey Label, which is the more affordable casual/basics diffusion line that had been merged with the main Black Label some time ago. The once again separate and now unisex Grey Label uses 100% organic cotton and recycled materials, and is primarily (and fairly) made in India, with some whole pieces and detailing of others done in Alexandra’s London studio. The detailing specifically consists of inserting black or, of course, grey circles that are leftovers hanging around in the studio, hence the whole lunar theme going on. At the time this lunar goodness was first released back in July, I was just reading a novel about the moon blowing up (Neal Stephenson’s newest), so my first reaction was a sigh of relief, seeing the moon all in one piece. Alexandra is planning on doing different variations in later Grey Label pieces/collections though, so the moon might get fragmented after all…Anyway, just released last week is my favorite new Grey piece, the Lunar Cowl Scarf. Just lovely.

Now to the super exciting news: new Black Label collections! I say collections, because there apparently is an A/W 15/16 collection (‘Survival’) waiting to be photographed and posted. Until then, we already have a glimpse of the S/S 16 ‘Adaptation’ collection, inspired by nomadic cultures. Like previous collections, the material (organic cotton in black, natural, and grey) used in these pieces is 100% made in England. My favorite thing about this collection though is that it is zero-waste, a feature that ensures further Grey Label moons AND the convertible-ness of the pieces. Sigh.