So, in this edition of YOHJ JUN VIV, there is no clear winner (or loser, for that matter). I don’t know, maybe I’m just bored with it all, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s S/S, my least favorite time of the fashion calendar…though none of the three collections were particularly springy, per se. Also, my computer crashed twice in the making of this post, AND I’m thinking more about Sarah Burton’s McQueen show today more than Friday/Saturday’s offerings. Anyway, to keep up tradition, I’ll post my favorite pieces, in title order.

Yohji Yamamoto:

153599_960n 153611_960n 153610_960n

I was pretty underwhelmed by this collection, though I enjoyed the theme of corsetry/framework holding nothing in. I’d totally wear a knit corset (especially with rubber boots), and would consider the denim skirt hoop/boyfriend jean combo…in a different wash.

153608_960nJunya Watanabe:

153627_960n 153658_960n 153622_960n

Based on the trend seen lately on the Internets, I believe I’m supposed to feign outrage at Mr. Watanabe’s appropriate of another’s culture in this collection, with the waxed fabrics (not seen here), scarification make-up, and neck stretching ring-like accessories. But, really, the whole thing made me wonder: is Junya Watanabe becoming an accessory brand?

Vivienne Westwood:

153822_960n 153853_960n

In this unisex collection, what I loved most/only were the oversized tailored coats that wear the models like coat racks. Yes, impractical in one sense, but quite practical in another: no toque or scarf needed with a coat that high, right? I also liked the idea of this over-dyed dress, with all the overlapping pieces and cut-outs. Just the idea though, as with the rest of the collection – I found it too…gaudy? I don’t know. I think I’ve just lost the plot. Also, I’ve been sick for a week.

153834_960n Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 4.00.49 PM(Photos via SHOWstudio. Because I miss Style.com and find that SHOWstudio just has better colours, really – e.g. the zoom photo comes from a screen cap of Vogue’s offerings. Hmm.)