Nether reaches

Here’s a theory for you to disregard completely: some of the best pieces of clothing end up in awkward places, a.k.a. ones nethers are always reaching for loose fabric.

Exhibit A: One of my favorite pieces, the vent tee by Babooshka, is the most dramatic looking thing that requires no trying, i.e. doesn’t require a simultaneous good hair day, or anything more than any old tank top and a pair of leggings underneath. I know the proper catchphrase to insert here is ‘effortless’, but that it is not. Because one has to put effort into making sure the front piece doesn’t get caught in one’s crotch, a common occurrence whilst walking that gives a sort of caped bodysuit look. And, I suppose, an effort has to be made to make sure it doesn’t fly to the side into oncoming traffic, but said flapping to the side looks pretty darn cool.

il_570xN.589276740_i6e8Exhibit B: A little secret I’ve kept until now (since I’ve sufficiently stocked up for a good while now) is Ovate’s men’s tees. The new collection doesn’t have any men’s pieces, so I’m not sure if Audrey has given up on that side of the label, but Audrey and I both are fans of wearing her men’s tops in a size up as dresses/tunics. The only thing is that if I wear one of these tees with a textured pant such as a pair of jeans, I have to either constantly pull it out of my crotch or tuck some up into one of my pockets to avoid a flashback to the days of being a child wearing a not so flattering one-piece swimsuit. Again, effortless it is not, but it’s worth the effort for all of the other trying not needed.

slatet2_1024x1024Exhibit C: You just know that this visor/cape from the Yohji Yamamoto S/S 16 collection is going to end up getting stuck somewhere, not to mention the knotted shirt that hangs just a tad too low (the knotting thing though is something I’ve done to both pieces above to avoid the crotch trap). But, really, you could just wear your pj’s underneath and still look glamourous, no?

153597_960nSo, does more effort need to be put into making clothes effortless in terms of the amount of fabric congregating in the nether region? According to Gareth Pugh’s S/S 16 collection*, I’d think not. Also, who really gives a s#!t. We just all have to learn to accept it.

KIM_0232_426x639P.S. Those hot pants are made of pennies. Yep.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.23.42 PM

(Yohji runway photo via SHOWstudio; Gareth runway photo via UK Vogue)