Osklen, S/S 16

osklen-rtw-spring-2016-024 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-013 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-010 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-022 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-017 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-012 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-009 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-014 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-016

Though apparently I’ve only mentioned Osklen twice here on kOs, this Earth-conscious Brazilian label from Oskar Metsavaht has remained on my radar for the last 6 years, albeit quietly tucked away, somewhere in the (warning: metaphor change) dusty backroom of my blog-brain. And I can’t remember if the NYFW show is a relatively new thing, but it seems like the Osklen shows have been included in Style.com/Vogue’s main fashion week coverage only for the last couple of seasons or so, slowing bringing Osklen back into at least the main hallway. But with this S/S 16 collection, I have a feeling Osklen will remain firmly ensconced in the front foyer. With the natural fibers (including a latex/silk blend [?!] in the red piece above), perfect use of layering (wrap skirt over a shirtdress, anyone?!), compelling narrative shown in the colours and digital prints (inspired by the Asháninka tribe in the Amazon, who invited Oskar last year to observe their rituals), I am definitely a fan. The brilliance of many of these pieces, I fear, doesn’t come across in small thumbnails, and has to be seen up close.

osklen-rtw-spring-2016-015 osklen-rtw-spring-2016-003And for you, poor dead snake from yesterday, the first snake I’ve ever seen in real life out in the wild, I hope there’s some comfort in knowing that at least your kin will be remembered.

osklen-rtw-spring-2016-006(Photos via Vogue.com)