It is later than you think

11204912_10153410211356480_4413450843096383333_nThis is where I was for a week. Well, one spot out of many – this one in particular, we had to drive through a cloud to get through, leaving a vast flowered and sunny valley for this low-clouded tundra corridor to some untouched glaciers. I’d almost rather not say where it is exactly, because if people found out how beautiful it was there, there’d be a ton of tourists. There aren’t now, and it’s wonderful. For example, those lighter patches, they’re actually this, up close:

11060322_10153410544131480_4557671063200017792_nIf there were thousands of people stomping all over the place, you can imagine what the effect would be. Sigh.

I’m trying very hard not to be here.