Rock you

22-570x708I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with clothing this last weekend, heavy on the hate. The air quality was extremely unhealthy due to forest fire smoke smothering my city, meaning I had everything sealed up tight and the air purifiers all running on full. AND we had heat advisory warnings, meaning my poor south-facing unit got all heated up even with all the blinds closed, with no way to vent off any of the heat. In short, I was basically only wearing underwear all weekend and just short of dying. The smoke and heat have both finally left us though, and so now I can actually fathom wearing more than a swatch of quick dry fabric. I’m even willing to jump from a tiny swatch of quick dry to 4 whole metres of cotton jersey, like a Hurricane Gown, from the just-released pre-fall Sanctus collection. True, I’m a bit skiddish around grey now since this was the colour of the sky and air for far too long, but I’m willing to give it another chance.

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