8b Last week, NJAL tweeted the above picture from Berlin-based label/art collective UY‘s ‘ageless, genderless, no label, no season’ aesthetic, featuring two models who are at least 40 years older than what you regularly see on the runway. That picture absolutely captivated me, as the models are both absolutely stunning, and the clothing basically matches the look I go for every day already.

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I for one am pretty much terrified of getting old, seeing in every badly postured photo of myself the impending hunchback, in every tiny wrinkle a soon-to-be unrecognizable craggy mask, and in every new ache and pain the terror of being unable to walk whenever I want and however far I’d like. But perhaps part of that fear is based upon how I see the more senior of citizens around me dress (particularly, I must admit, my aged female relatives), with matching skirt suits like the Queen of England, short hairdos that require setting with curlers every night, and stockings inexplicably without runs or air conditioning. So if UY’s picture of old age is just as plausible of a snapshot of my future as that which has been in my head since I was a toddler, I might not be so scared of the physical failures that are bound to sneak up on me over the next 30-60 years or so. I think I can face my fate if done comfortably, and with the freedom to retain my own style. Doesn’t hurt that UY meets my strict requirements for clothing I will buy (all is handmade in Berlin in limited editions, not mass produced; materials are purchased locally and are mostly natural – those shiny bits are latex/vegan leather), and the pieces themselves are quite versatile and relatively affordable. And, obviously, we know this look will age well.

6c(Photos via NJAL; photography by Mikuta Photography; styling by Erik Raynal)