As I’m now pretty much constantly trying to find ways to make hiking pants and a tank top look office appropriate, I was delighted to see this Barbara Í Gongini piece get a major markdown last week in the BÍG webshop. I’ve seen this womenswear equivalent of the clip-on tie done by BÍG before and at least one other label (Sadotna), but this one, striking in its dress-length, noir silk, and lovely strap and pleating detail, is my favorite.

As seen in a keyword search of kOs, I’ve been a long-time fan (ca. 2010) of Barbara’s aesthetic and production/design approach, but I’ve only actually purchased one BÍG item, a lovely wool square cardigan with removable sleeves, right when I first discovered the webshop. I’ve drooled over many pieces, but the price and risk of added duties has kept my clicking finger in check all these years. This piece was one of those ‘many pieces’ from some collection in 2013 or 2014 (can’t remember which), and was originally something like $300, I believe. Thankfully, however, it was added not too long ago to the Archives section of the webshop, where older pieces get marked down, making some pieces rather affordable (…but some others, still not so much). This piece was still a bit pricey for my current budget at its archival price, but a limited time discount code of 50% last week made me practically squeal with joy. The shipping and handling fees counter-acted the discount a little bit, but the courier shipping meant it made it to my doorstep from Denmark within a couple of days, in time for a wash and dry and stuff into a backpack for a post-camping trip, out-of-town meeting. I even pulled off wearing a band t-shirt underneath it, in a room full of physicians. Now that’s value. And I have a feeling this will be seen at least once a week, dressing up even the rattiest of tops and tank dresses…

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