Signs of the Times*

AW14-no-ball-games-1 AW14-no-ball-games-3 AW14-landladys-parking-3 AW14-landladys-parking-1

Lately, I’ve been so much more interested in forms of art other than fashion, i.e. art I can have in front of me rather than on me, having just purchased a for realz painting for the very first time, having gotten deep into early 20th-century fiction and records from the 60s and 70s, having cinematic memorials far too often (R.I.P. Gilbert Blythe!), and trying to do some home re-design in order to recreate the last and soon-to-be closed local video rental store (i.e. life as I know it has now ended). Also, it seems like I can go an entire week in the office without seeing anyone else, so the only piece of clothing that seems to matter in my Monday to Friday wardrobe is a jacket, particularly a jacket that will protect me from the elements (which seems to be wind, dirt, and more wind), and that can hang on the hook on the back of my door for quick grabbing to hide the fact that I’m wearing a tank top and hiking pants for ‘appropriate business wear’. And of course, since my mind is on putting art anywhere I can see it, I’d prefer that jacket, hanging on the back of my office door, to be a piece of art in itself. These pieces from Carrie-Ann Stein‘s A/W 14 collection are perfect then, don’t you think? Much more business-like than hiking clothes or wearable postcards, anyway. And they’re like an all-ages friendly, distant cousin of the Chromat Primary pieces.

AW14-green-vacancy-1*I really wanted to name this ‘Sign of the Twine’, but thought that it would be a bit too crass to join Carrie-Ann Stein’s high concept work with Ricky Gervais’ low brow Kev Twine. But I think I have now anyway, haven’t I? Y’all should watch Derek anyway, so you’re welcome.