What did I do?


Ten years ago, my man and I got married on a beach, me wearing a black hoody, and black tank top, and a cheap white linen skirt. However, the summer before, I had bought what I intended to be my wedding dress, hoping that we’d get married before I grew out of it. I saw it, a lovely mint-coloured Nataya creation, in a local magazine fashion shoot promoting local stores. I knew it was meant to be and immediately went to try it on, bought it with my own money over a couple payments, and then hung it in my closet, hoping. I then moved out to Vancouver and we unexpectedly got married sooner than later, so my dress was still at my parents’. We then did have a normal wedding the following September (see photo here), so I was able to wear the dress as intended (indeed, the whole wedding may have been just so I could wear the dress…). Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find the newspaper clipping that records that first time I laid eyes on my dress. I did, however, recently come across these photos here, sent to my ancient never-used email account years ago from me to me, taken from who knows where. This Nataya piece is slightly different, seeing as it’s a two-piece and the top is mostly sheer, but I’ll take what I can get, I suppose, as I’ve never been able to find a photo of the dress without me in it anyway. That said, these pictures have made me question myself. I don’t imagine having it as a two-piece makes it more bed-worthy than a one-piece, but I can’t help but wonder: did I wear lingerie as my wedding dress?


(Photos possibly from Nataya, but I really have no clue…)