While perhaps I should just do without the biannual YOHJ JUN VIV post(s) for the first time in 4.5 years, I feel like I’ll lose my bearing and have no sense of what month we’re in if I don’t have that familiar post title(s) at least within a few weeks of Paris Fashion Week. The thing is, there are SO many other things that have come and, in some cases, gone, that I feel like the hallowed threesome should accept that they aren’t the most important in my posting/Internets schedule. For example, I watched the Chromat A/W 15 show (and the pre-order thereof has already ended), and never posted a word (though it truly had the best group of models ever). I want with all my heart to plug the crap out of Dust and Queen Michelle’s beautiful dancewear label, Danseuse, but I need to figure out how to sell it to a non-dancer crowd. I want to devote an entire post to the best Mr. Spock looks of all time (R.I.P., Mr. Nimoy), but I’m having too much fun spending most of my free evenings marathoning old Star Trek episodes. Then there’s all the previously unreleased Alexander McQueen material coming out on SHOWstudio in conjunction with opening of the London version of the Savage Beauty exhibit, but I haven’t even had time to sit down and watch one bit of it myself. In other words, I need a few more hours in the day. And so, here are some groupings from the Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, and Vivienne Westwood shows. Easy enough to throw together, but I’ll let you make the conclusions on what the grouping factors are. And if you’d like to elaborate on what those factors are, please do so in the comments. You’d probably say it better than me.

Group A (VIV)

MARC0137 MARC0215 MARC0245


DSC009_KIM_0249 DSC024_KIM_0719 DSC034_KIM_1014 MARC0887 MARC0951 MARC0987 DSC035_KIM_1029 DSC038_KIM_1086 DSC036_KIM_1058

Group C (JUN VIV)

41-junya-watanabe 42-junya-watanabe MARC0117 MARC0535


DSC029_KIM_0870 45-junya-watanabe MARC0329

and Group E (JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN…yeah, might be obvious what this one’s about…)

38-junya-watanabe 37-junya-watanabe 39-junya-watanabe 10-junya-watanabe 13-junya-watanabe 11-junya-watanabe 18-junya-watanabe 27-junya-watanabe 19-junya-watanabe

(Photos via Style.com)