To top it all off…

Apparently in an unconscious decision to completely end my active search for pants that are both work- and comfort-friendly, my ‘Add to cart’ finger has seemed to shift the focus instead to long cardigan/sweater/kimono tops that will allow me to wear leggings as pants and forego any more disappointing pant purchases. I picked up a great pair of made-in-Canada comfy ‘pants’ from a local outdoor sport shop that look close enough to pants on the bottom with a cuff detail, but show a bit too much of it’s spandex content in the thigh area to keep me feeling professional in front of my supervisors if paired with only a normal top-length top. I also have a couple great pairs of kowtow pants that are super comfy, but seem to attract too much attention to the low-crotch/droopy butt area, due to the general lack of low-crotch styles in office wear. And so, long sweaters shall make everything all okay.

First up is this kimono from Norwegian Wood. Angie’s been making kimonos for quite some time now, but most of them are too short in length, or too fringe-y in detail for me. This new one though uses a print I quite admired a couple collections ago, when it was used in a bodycon racerback dress that I would never be able to pull off. The print is on organic cotton too, so that’s a plus. Of course, the majority of the kimono is sheer, so I can’t hide the droopiness of the aforementioned Kowtow pants, but it’ll work swimmingly with those leggings that pretend to be pants.


Second is a maxi-length bamboo jersey cardigan from Ovate, part of a mini-collection of limited pieces that Audrey released last week. My immediate reaction was to go for the grey one, but then I decided to try something new and go for the light camel/warm taupe one (edit: on sale now for almost half). I’m still having a hard time re-embracing my natural blonde hair, but this might help me out a bit.

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Last but probably my favorite (as a result of blatant personal bias), is a piece from a new balletwear label, Danseuse. Yes, balletwear. I believe I mentioned that this label would be coming up from kOs-favorite Netherlands-based designer Dust (of the soon-to-be-resurrected dusturbance) and the Queen of the fashion blogosphere, Michelle Haswell. Having already seen a picture of a comfy pair of Danseuse shorts, I knew that I’d be making at least one purchase from the online shop when it launched exactly one week ago. But when Michelle posted these photos of her wearing one of the wrap tops as a cardigan of sorts (over top the matching skirt), I immediately expanded my first order. Who would’ve thought that dancewear could look like this outside of the studio?


Pants, I’ve won this round.