Fien Ploeger: Hyperreality, meet 2015

650-FIEN-629 650-FIEN-325 650-FIEN-501 650-FIEN-484

I started writing this post on New Year’s Eve, but last year was so strange that my last missive of the year would’ve been too…come si dice…sad. To be perfectly frank, I’ve had no real sense of time since as far back as May, and I’m not really sure how it’s already January. The middle and latter-half of 2014 consisted of two close family deaths (exactly six months apart), the end of nine years of research on one topic, a painfully dragging job that has, in effect, killed my desire to work within academia ever again, and, on the 2nd last day of the year, the unexpected death of my most favorite teacher from grade school. It’s like I was on this train going 300 km/h, but over the past six months it’s been taking on more and more weight, making it slowly but haltingly dragging to a stop, though that stop hasn’t yet been announced (or the doors never opened when it got there, at any rate). As such, for the second half of 2014, I often had no idea what day of the week it was, and I had no real interest in things that don’t keep my mind occupied, i.e. books and music (hence my blowing all my Christmas money on records). Not that I don’t need to be clothed on my metaphorical stopping/stopped train, but all this life happening has resulted in a rather lengthened lack of interest in fashion, which, in turn, resulted in the blog posts being few and far between.

That said, it’s not all sadness. The two family deaths (and, actually, what is likely the final closure of the NY chapter of my life) made me realize it was time to jump off this train before it stopped or imploded or whatever. So, thanks to my self-preservation instincts which mercifully kicked in at the end of last year, this week I’ve started a new job that might be at least a semi-permanent home for a while, I’ve dusted off the ol’ bookmarks that used to get the blogging juices going, and I’ve resolved to become at least 10% less of a hermit this year. And this BA graduate collection from Dutch designer Fien Ploeger (found via NJAL) seems just the thing to symbolize this transition, from the hyperreality of last year to whatever is happening next. Or something. I love this dress, anyway.

650-FIEN-144 650-RIETVELD14_PLOEGER_076

Welcome to the new year, all.

(Lookbook photos by Max Mato, via here. Runway photo by Peter Stigter, via here.)