Having started a new actual for realz office job, I realize once again that my wardrobe was not bought with for realz office jobs in mind. If I had to give an estimate, I’d say it’s about 87% not for realz office job appropriate. Which provides a problem, especially since it will take a couple of paycheques in the bank before I can purchase for realz office job appropriate clothing. I.e. a comfortable pair of non-synthetic pants and some form of top that doesn’t have raw edges. Speaking of, why does raw detailing automatically mean it’s not for realz office job appropriate?! In what world are hand-made silk tops not more life appropriate than a $5 piece of plastic crap made in a sweatshop that will end up in the garbage after two washes?!!! Answer that and stay fashionable!

Anyway, it seems like the only for realz office job appropriate clothing area I do have covered is coats. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting more. Especially since Tiina just posted a new trench (think Junya-meets-The Matrix), the one type of coat that I don’t have. And since this is the warmest winter on record and I walk to work, a water-repellent coat is probably the best way to go. (Really, I’ve already been sprayed from hip-to-toe, on the way to the interview, for goodness’ sake.) Just have to wait for maybe…a couple dozen paycheques to purchase this one. Maybe only twenty-three cheques, if I bring up the length about two feet? Tiina?