(yohj jun) VIV: S/S 15


And because I haven’t forgotten, here’s the final installment of this season’s coverage of the three successive big names I can’t help but love. While I wouldn’t go as far as Tim Blanks does in saying that Vivienne Westwood’s revisiting of the common tropes that make up what Vivienne Westwood is “simply isn’t very interesting,” I will say that I never expect the last of the trifecta to grab me as a whole collection, because we pretty much know what we will see, more or less. That said, there’s usually one or two pieces or looks in particular that I really really love, and the S/S 15 collection did not disappoint.

As my closet can attest, one of my favorite things that Dame Westwood does is jackets. Years ago, I became absolutely obsessed with a ridiculously gorgeous velvet Westwood number, which – after many hints and eBay bids – landed under my Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the jacket was the perfect size, ‘unfortunately’ because I have grown a size or two since. And whilst I do manage to wear the jacket at least once every autumn, the annual wearing-out is also an annual button-watch, as I’m always worried that will be the time I bust three of the four buttons loose, and lose them forever. And, unfortunately, this jacket needs to be completely closed to carry out its exaggerated proportions (large shoulders, tiny waist, large hips) and lovely oversized lapels. Meaning, if my boycott of pumpkin spice lattes this season doesn’t have the desired effect, I may not be able to wear my beloved jacket much longer. The object of my next Westwood jacket affection thus turns to this S/S 15 piece, which, while having even less buttons in a problem area, looks like it looks better open than closed. It has a touch of the most beautiful piece of clothing I’ve ever seen (that has since been cut into pieces) too, and looks like it’s made of silk (see close-up photo below), meaning this is the stuff of dreams.


(Photos via Style.com)