Marilina Tsitsa

Okay, on account of being out of town for three days, having no secure Internets in the out of town that I was in, and having to recover from the overall out-of-town-ness for two days, I now have no less than 3-5 blog posts that need to be written and posted. And while it would make sense to post sooner than later about the PFW shows I want to cover so as to not seem too behind the times, the very fact that we shouldn’t give a scheisse about the fashion schedule compels me to go against said sense. That and what I’m choosing to post about first is one of the best things that happened this runway season. So.

Two posts ago, we saw the collection of Kingston MA grad Marilina Tsitsa, or, rather, we saw the front of Marilina’s collection (entitled ‘DUENDE’). As I and UK Vogue’s zoom pointed out, there was obviously more than met the eye going on in each of Marilina’s pieces, and I implored the Internets to produce posterior photos as evidence. Lo and behold, the Internets gods smiled, and an email from Marilina herself arrived in my inbox with said requested photos, the collection concept, and a video. Oh my! So, without further ado:

1) The photos (lookbook pictures by Yorgos Archimandritis, catwalk photos by Ezzidin Alwan). As I told Marilina, I literally gasped at loud when I saw the backs of each piece, particularly that of my favorite, the one with the icon of the decade, the Facebook ‘Like’ hand (thus explaining the ‘Like’ patch on the front of the jacket). That piece is now in My Top 3 Want List. As is the look below it (I just love a great army green jacket).

00332392-MA_FASHION_2014-Ezzidin_Alwan-WEB 2403-MA_FASHION_2014-Ezzidin_Alwan-WEB _DSC5141FOTO _DSC5187FOTO 2380-MA_FASHION_2014-Ezzidin_Alwan-WEB 2391-MA_FASHION_2014-Ezzidin_Alwan-WEB _DSC2610FOTO _DSC2651FOTO 2423-MA_FASHION_2014-Ezzidin_Alwan-WEB 2421-MA_FASHION_2014-Ezzidin_Alwan-WEB 0008

And because we asked so nicely, Marilina also sent some photos of pieces that didn’t make it into the runway show. Unlucky for LFW, lucky for us.


2) The concept. In Marilina’s words:

My aim is to use fashion as a tool to promote ideas and messages that evoke critical thinking…The bodysuit is a critique on the contemporary unnatural beauty criteria that want women to stay forever young and to be plastic as dolls are. The prints on the back of the kimonos are designed by Phevos Kesides. My project’s starting point was street art and so I wanted to collaborate with a street artist for the prints. Phevos is a Greek former street artist and he is continuing his art with many mediums. He has also studied fashion which was very helpful during our collaboration since he understands the limitations of a garment.

I needed to have a big canvas for the artworks and so I chose to use kimonos. Their participation in the second world war propaganda and their general multilayered ‘persona’ made them the perfect choose for my collection. The collection is a bit feministic I would say since my focus is stronger on the way beauty is defined today.

I’m not sure I need to add my own comment to that, other than the fact that I love the idea of street art on clothing. (Also, why didn’t I notice the kimono shape before?)

3) The video.

Marilina, once again, bravo.