gaffer & fluf

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Sometimes it’s bad news bears when I flag a site for a future post, because often I ignore those flags just as much as the emails in my Junk folder (how I finished a grad degree with such a habit escapes me, but I digress). Sometimes though, the flagging works out perfectly, because I come upon a situation where that flag fits in the…flagpole perfectly for whatever reason. Such as today. I was super duper excited about a particular S/S 15 runway show this morning, and even made sure I was firmly ensconced on my couch with my laptop and tablet to watch the live SHOWstudio panel discussion and photo posting. However, I liked zero looks of the whole 20-something look show. Zero. It might be me (the panel seemed to love it), but I thought it was quite horrible. Perhaps if the fabrics or colour palette had been different, I would’ve felt differently, but I kind of doubt it. Anyway, thankfully I had this discovery to fall back on, assuring myself that it’s not just the ‘S/S’ part of this morning’s show I didn’t like. Yes, I’m definitely more of a A/W girl than a S/S girl (perhaps to be expected due to my love of root beer…sorry…), but I can appreciate a S/S collection. Such as the above S/S 14 collection by Greek designer Katerina Vamvaka’s label gaffer & fluf. Perhaps I’m showing my hand a bit too much by juxtaposing such a minimal, cross-season-friendly S/S collection with whatever I saw this morning, but, you know, I’m not a poker player. As such, below you’ll find Katerina’s A/W 14/15 collection. Because I can.

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