Chromat, S/S 15

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I was kinda sorta trying to get more posts between this one and the last Chromat-centered one so I don’t sound like a broken record. But since Becca and her ridiculously talented team with their S/S 15 collection have now taken over not only the worlds of architectural fashion, lingerie, neoprene, and stylish electronics, but now also the worlds of 3D printing and off-the-runway ordering, there’s really no sense in fighting it. With every collection, Becca continues to amaze me, not only with her creativity (this collection is inspired “by the parallel ideologies of conceptual artist Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing Series and the process of tracking athletic movement through the use of wearable technology,” yeah), but with her refusal to make her designs wearable by only one type of body. You may have seen the runway show make waves over a number of media sites for the show’s opener, the gorgeous Denise Bidot, not to mention the full range of sizes seen across the rest of the models showing off the bold pieces. I’ve always been able to picture myself in at least half of each Chromat collection though I’m usually on the larger side of the size chart, but it’s definitely nice to have an external visual aid for those days when the mirror is being a little too biased and judgmental. And to see Becca embracing the likely inevitable, “where clothing will be downloaded online and garments will function as data machines to both observe and empower the reality of our bodies,” it’s simply super fun to see just where fashion can be going, such as 3D-printed pockets and bras, and accessories built around monitoring devices (certain S/S 15 pieces have a port for Shine, a sleep and activity monitoring device). And with pre-ordering consisting of paying only 50% now (and 50% before delivery late this year/early next), I can’t help but get caught up in the whirlwind that is Chromat once again. My selections? The Topknot Cage ( accessory.ever) and/or the Sprinter Sleeve Top. But in a perfect world, I want this entire outfit, consisting of the Neoprene Full Circle Top and the neoprene Extruded Cage Pant. Sigh.

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