Lako Bukia (is that you?)

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Having had too many conversations to count starting with “I just read this thing by…some guy from…somewhere,” I’m always surprised that I remember names that I’ve encountered only one or twice years ago. Like the name ‘Lako Bukia’, which popped up in a brief synopsis I read of the Parsons MFA show at NYFW yesterday. I was sure that I had blogged about someone by the same name, and it turns out I did, back in 2010 and in 2011. As this Lako Bukia’s grad collection does not really match the aesthetic of the Lako Bukia I’ve seen, I’m totally assuming that this is the same Georgian-born (and at least used to be London-based) designer simply based on what is probably a unique name. If such is the case, how and when she moved over to NY is a mystery to me. And if such is not the case, being named ‘Lako Bukia’ apparently means you’re supremely talented as a designer. Granted, the full looks are something that would be more at home on Susie Bubble than myself, but I’m really digging the head-to-toe unexpected use of digital photos/printing/layering. Reminds me a lot of Stacey Grant’s (now Grant-Canham! – congrats Stacey!) digital draping work. Quite nice, and definitely my favorite of the whole Parsons show. I’d be happy to see more from one or more Lako Bukias anytime. Starting with the backs of these pieces…

Edit: Thanks to the powers of Twitter, I can now say that it definitely is the same Lako Bukia! Lako moved to NY just for the MFA program at Parsons. Best of luck to you, Lako, in the future! And if you’re still in NY next time I am, we just might need to have a coffee together.

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